Company Description

Steinbeis Centre for Energy Technologies includes a wide range of knowledge and activities on the processes and equipment in thermal power and process engineering, including those on the management of energy flows and knowledge for risk assessment and risk management.

            The uniqueness of our approach to industrial energy is a systematic and comprehensive analysis of all technical and non-technical process parameters. Based on decades of experience in projects to improve energy efficiency at home and abroad, and seen the importance of the individual for the success of the implementation of the project, as well as the need to adapt the technology to the real potential of people who should run it. Therefore, the original approach has been developed for staff training sessions and the introduction of new technologies in the process.

We can by using this knowledge, independently or as part of a wider team offer the realization of projects in the following areas:


1. Analysis of production processes as a whole, or only some of its segments.

The result of the analysis should be to quantitatively define "bad" points and "sources" of increased consumption of energy, raw materials and possible reduction or even a lack of product’s quality.

Analyses would be implemented with modern measuring technique using high analytical and heuristic knowledge.

Such a systematic analysis is usually related to the whole plant, while in the later iterations should be performed the analysis of individual processes and devices, always bearing in mind the significance of the observed part for the whole.

2. Analysis of process and power equipment as a whole or a part there of.

The analysis would be related to quantitative determination of the amount of spent working life or the remaining service life of critical equipment and the assessment of the risks for further use.

3. Re-engineering of production technologies 

These works could be done for those segments for which previous analyzes indicate that it is necessary or justified.

Realization these works enable: reduction of production costs based on lower energy consumption, lower raw materials consumption and to improve product quality and increase overall competitiveness.

4. Re-design of process and power equipment

This would enable the replacement of old equipment, which’s working life is at the end, or equipment that does not provide enough good process parameters, with new and appropriate equipment.

This would significantly reduce the risk of possible failures and achieve better process parameters, which would enable reduction of maintenance costs and other production costs and further increase of competitiveness.


5. Participation in the development of new projects and new technologies.

The experts of the Center can help defining and implementing various energy projects such as, for example:

a. Using a wet, low caloric coal (as those from Kovin open mine).

b. Development and application of energy-efficient separation processes, which enable separation of certain substances on molecular level, with minimum energy consumption. These technologies are promising and important for the food industry, energy generation and environment protection.

c. Development and application of the system of gasification and pyrolysis of biomass and further efficient use obtained gas.

d. Systems using geothermal energy, with or without application of heat pumps.


6. We can organize a variety of special courses and seminars for the advancement of knowledge in the above areas, specifically designed to the interests and needs of specific partners and their employees.


The Center has adequate human resources for the implementation of these operations, as can be seen from the reference list.

We have the possibility of recruiting top individuals from abroad, as well as the cooperation and/or joint performances with reputable research and development centers from abroad.

Of course, all of these tasks need to be done in closest cooperation with professional teams from the production, development and management departments of our clients.

It will be our great pleasure and the highest professional and scientific challenge to work with our future clients on the implementation of some of these, or similar projects.